Kimberly Macias-Salazar

Operations Manager

Kimberly Macias is uniquely qualified for her role as the Operations Support for the Pneusomnia Craniofacial Sleep Medicine Centers. Before working with Vivos Therapeutics, Kimberly was the Marketing Director for a high-volume dental practice, where she partnered with the dentist and team, successfully implementing the Vivos systems and processes into the office. She saw first-hand how adding Craniofacial Sleep Medicine into their treatment protocols took the practice to new levels of production and profitability. Even more importantly, she saw the impact that Craniofacial Sleep Medicine had on the lives of patients.

Kimberly had the realization that she could help patients and doctors on a larger scale by joining the Vivos team. Kimberly quickly became a top-performing Vivos Practice Advisor, bringing her hands-on experience and a clear understanding of how to run a dental office to the Vivos Practice Advisory Team. She has successfully onboarded and integrated over 30 practices, helping them grow their revenues and profits while improving the health and lives of their patients.

Kimberly studied abroad at the University of Cambridge and graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles where she majored in Anthropology. She brings excellent leadership, strong organizational skills, a keen understanding of operations and how to run a dental practice, excellent communication skills, along with boundless enthusiasm to the Pneusomnia Centers.